Q: Why Should I choose Lasting Impression and not another lab?

A: Lasting Impression provides top notch customer service to our clients. We treat each client as if they are the only one. We provide you with an account representative who will guide you through your unique cosmetic experience from the beginning until the end of your time with our company. We focus on producing safe, natural, innovative, and beautiful cosmetics that are sure to make you a force in the industry.

Q: What are your minimums & lead time?

A: Lead time, printing charges and minimums are dependent on product

Q: Where can I see the Ingredients or MSDS Sheets?

A: These are available upon request.

Q: What about Privacy?

A: We can assure you that we are very committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. The Lasting Impression team prides itself on earning a reputation for our ethical business practices with our hundreds of clients worldwide.  To provide your company with the utmost privacy, we sign a binding Confidentiality Agreement with all new clients. If you have any additional requirements, these can be reviewed and included in your new contract packet.

Q: Can I order samples before placing a bulk order?

A: Once the plans for your custom cosmetics are in place, we will work tirelessly to create several samples of the product for you to select from. Once you select the perfect formulation for your company, the product is sent out for testing.

Q: How are your products tested?

A: All products are manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Procedures.(GMP) We follow the recommendations of the FDA, and our facilities are set up in the accordance with Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch and we NEVER test our products on animals.

Q: What type of products can you make?

A: We are capable of making a variety of cosmetics products to meet your needs, including liquids, gels, creams, lotions, mousses.

Q: Can you make Natural or organic products?

A: We choose to use the highest possible quality of natural ingredients. Our raw materials are chosen based on their environmentally friendly properties and in line with all of the latest consumer trends. It is our best efforts to continually maintain and grow towards a Greener business.

Q: How long does product development take? (from R&D to finished product)

A: The time frame for development is dependent on the product requested.

Q: How much does product development cost? Once the formula is complete, who owns the formula? What are my rights to the formula? How will the formula be protected?

A: This is product dependent, and will be addressed  by your account representative.

Q: Can you supply us with packaging?

A:  We work with experienced vendors that can design and develop packaging and labeling that is appealing, stable and cost-effective. We can utilize your company’s existing packaging, or design a look that turns your vision into reality. Simply present us with your idea, and we will work hard to provide you with beautiful custom cosmetics that are sure to please.

Q: What about getting the product tested?

A: We test your product to ensure it passes our own standards before we provide a product sample for your approval.  The formulation then goes through a second round of testing, which includes a more in-depth stability test, microbiological test, and clinical trial if needed. It should be noted that NONE of our products are tested on animals; rather, we work with top testers in the field to ensure a safe and healthy product. We will supply you with all of the test results, and back-up data that your product calls.

Q: Can you take a product I am currently making elsewhere and reproduce it?

A: In most cases, yes.  This is dependent the on product requested.

Q: Are my products covered by insurance?

A: Yes

Q: How long should my finished product last?

A: Shelf life is dependent upon the product requested.

Q: What are your fulfillment capabilities?

A: We can fill containers from .012oz up to 5 – 10 gallons.

Q: Does my turnkey price include everything, or are there hidden fees?

A: No hidden fees. We will work within you budget, and all pricing and fees will be discussed by your account representative.

Q: I would like to market my product internationally, can you help me?

A: Lasting Impression works with a number of international companies, and is well versed in the international laws and policies concerning the manufacturing and sale of cosmetics.